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Thank you for your interest in ISG Jubail, a fully accredited, not-for-profit school offering an American curriculum to culturally diverse students from Kindergarten 1 to Grade 12. ISG Jubail staff and students represent more than 40 nationalities. ISG Jubail is one of five schools in the Eastern Province that belongs to the International Schools Group (ISG).

ISG Admission Policy

It is the policy of the Board to accommodate students of many nationalities. 
ISG reserves the right to evaluate each applicant to determine acceptance and appropriate placement. Previous school records will be reviewed and considered in determining grade placement. 
ISG Jubail will not accept students who, because of severe cognitive or physical disabilities require special education classes or services. That being said, the Learning Support team, alongside the Admissions team, assesses each prospective student on a case by case basis to determine if the school is suitable to meet the child’s academic, social and emotional needs.

If upon receipt of school records or present observations and testing, it becomes apparent that a student requires special services that ISG Jubail does not provide, parents will be notified. The school reserves the right to exclude a child for failure to satisfy entrance requirements of this policy.
New enrollees without previous school records will be placed according to chronological age and/or testing. The school reserves the right to reassign students upon receipt of previous school records and/or test results. The admissions team shall make the decisions pertaining to grade placement.

Please Note:

Saudi law requires that all new students (except American citizens) apply for a Ministry of Education approval.  If the applicant is in Grade 2 or above, the applicant's current report card must be attested by the Saudi Embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country from which the report card is being issued.  This may be carried with you, as it will only be needed upon arrival in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi law also requires Saudi nationals (no matter what age) to apply for Ministry of Education approval directly through the MoE. Approval documents must be submitted before an assessment is scheduled.