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The assessment process varies depending on the grade level your child is eligible to enter.

Assessments for Entry

Kindergarten 1 (4 years old by 1 September)

Applicants sit an age-appropriate one-on-one evaluation which measures numeracy, language skills, motor skills and conceptual understanding. This assessment is designed to measure readiness for the Kindergarten 1 program at ISG Jubail.

Kindergarten 2 (5 years old by 1 September)

Applicants sit an age-appropriate series of tests in numeracy and literacy, motor skills and conceptual understanding. This assessment is designed to measure readiness for the Kindergarten 2 program at ISG Jubail.

Grade 1 (6 years old by 1 September)

Applicants sit an age-standardized series of tests in English (reading and writing) and Math.  This assessment is designed to measure readiness for the Grade 1 program at ISG Jubail.

Grades 2-10

Applicants sit a set of standardized tests (NWEA MAP) in Math, Reading, and Language Usage. Additionally, they will complete a writing sample and an interview at the school. The standardized tests (MAP) are adaptive tests, meaning "by dynamically adjusting to each student’s responses, MAP creates a personalized assessment experience that accurately measures performance." This testing enables the Admissions Team to make the most appropriate placement for each individual student.  

Overseas candidates are encouraged to either submit current standardized test scores or complete MAP testing at an available local school.

Grades 11-12

Upon submission of application and school records, the Admissions Office will review the paperwork and render a decision.

If a student is entering Grade 12, records are required for the three previous years.

Selection Criteria

ISG Jubail welcomes applications from students of all nationalities who are able to meet the demands of an academically challenging American curriculum. In making admissions decisions, places are offered to those applicants whose experiences and records indicate that they will succeed in our school’s academic program.

ISG Jubail seeks to ensure an appropriate match between a prospective student and family and the mission and philosophy of the school.

Selection for entry is based on a combination of academic criteria, as well as the potential of each individual child.

We give priority to applicants who have siblings already enrolled in the school, while also considering the gender mix in the grade level, which helps achieve a diverse student body.

The cutoff age for a particular grade/year at ISG is the child's age before September 1 of the entry year.

Admissions decisions are made after careful review of the student file and assessment results by the ISG Jubail Admissions Committee. Decisions are made in the best interests of the student and the existing student population.

ISG Jubail does not offer a gifted/talented program. However, we offer an academically challenging program with a progressive American curriculum. In addition, the IB diploma program offered in Grades 11 and 12 is internationally recognized for its academic rigor and balance of course of studies.

While ISG Jubail staff are well-trained, differentiate inside the classroom, and offer interventions to support individual student needs to the best of their ability, unfortunately we are unable to accept students who require significant special education support or services. This includes students with severed cognitive or physical disabilities and those requiring special education classes or services. It also includes those whose applications indicate significant behavioral, social, emotional or academic needs.

If upon receipt of school records or present observations and testing, it becomes apparent that a student requires special services that ISG Jubail does not provide, parents will be notified. The school reserves the right to exclude a child for failure to satisfy entrance requirements of this policy.

Grade Level and Class Assignment

The ISG Jubail Admissions Committee makes the final decision on grade level and class assignment. Decisions are made after careful consideration and based upon all application documentation, assessments and individual student needs.

New students without previous school records will be placed according to chronological age and/or testing. The school reserves the right to reassign students upon receipt of previous school records and/or test results. The principal or designee shall make the decisions pertaining to grade placement.

Joining Mid-Year

Students may enter ISG Jubail at any time during the year; however, students joining ISG Jubail after Trimester 1 from a southern hemisphere school (i.e. where the school year ends in November, December or March) may only be admitted to the same grade level they have just completed. In general, they cannot advance to the next grade level because they would be missing the first half of the following academic year.

Wait Pool Information

Please note that an admissions assessment does not guarantee that a seat is available, nor that a child will be admitted, as availability of seats may be contingent on withdrawal of current students. If a grade is full, we will maintain a wait pool of accepted applicants. The wait pool is maintained for the applying school year (August-June) only. Applicants interested in the next school year will have to update the required documentation and re-apply.

When a seat becomes available, the Admissions Committee will review all candidates in the wait pool to consider each one in context of one another for placement, according to, but not limited to, the following factors: good academic and behavioral standing as evidenced by prior records, attendance, teacher recommendations, admissions assessment results, gender, English language proficiency and a Jubail sibling.