Elementary School

Our Elementary School has two sections: Early Years and Primary School.

Early Years program covers Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten 1. It is a place where strong foundations are built for a lifetime of learning. Our Early Years teachers believe it is a privilege to help open young minds, and to encourage them to become explorers in ways that will set them up to be happy, enquiring students with good oral and social skills.

Our lower primary program runs from KG2 to Grade 2, with our upper primary program running from Grade 3 to Grade 5.

For all elementary grade levels, ISG Jubail students are active learners; they analyze and question, take risks and learn from failure in a supportive environment and are given opportunities to express themselves through writing, presentations, and discussions. Language arts, numeracy, science, art, physical education and music are well fostered for all children. We work on building children's self-confidence and self-advocacy. As well as the core curriculum subjects, our young learners embed technology in their everyday learning and have regular visits to the school library. Experiential learning beyond the classroom through field trips keeps them engaged in learning in the wider world.