Curriculum Overview

ISG Jubail School utilizes the AERO Common Core Plus standards (American Education Reaches Out) for a robust, standards-based education framework for language arts and social studies, with science utilizing the AERO NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) and mathematics using Common Core standards. The school also uses the Lucy Calkins Readers and Writers workshop model within the language arts program. 

Although the AERO Common Core Plus / AERO NGSS standards are used, the school uses the UbD (Understanding by Design) model to promote a more trans-disciplinary, authentic and relevant approach to learning. The students work in units and learn through active inquiry, promoting critical thinking and moving from the concrete to more abstract concept development. The units are designed to stimulate and challenge students to try new roles, experiment with ideas and materials and solve real problems. They encompass all relevant subject areas, including performing and visual arts, to help students enjoy their learning and prepare them to be successful. 

ISG Jubail Elementary uses Eureka Math as the core resource to support math instruction; the program is intentionally aligned to Common Core standards and will support our math needs comprehensively.

Grading System
We believe that grades earned by students at ISG Jubail should…

  • Reflect learning by the student
  • Not be used as a disciplinary measure
  • Be a tool for communication to parents, other teachers and schools
  • Not be based solely on participation or attendance, although these issues can influence learning
  • Grades earned represent standards of learning and hard work

The Early Years program provides narrative assessments to describe achievement. Elementary achievement is measured against curriculum standards along a continuum of development. Middle and High School grading follows a standard American grading system utilizing lettered grades to indicate achievement (A, B, C, D and F).

Our students receive grade reports periodically throughout the semester based on their teachers' methods and course selections.

Report cards are distributed digitally to parents at the end of each semester (twice a year). Parents can access their student's grade reports online through our Skyward Family Access system.