Middle & High School Curriculum Overview

Our Middle school program includes Grades 6-8. Adolescence is a special time in a child’s life and ISG Jubail  strives to provide a stimulating and nurturing environment for our students during this time. Our school-wide values of C2R2: Consideration, Courtesy, Respect and Responsibility are imbued in all aspects of students’ school day. 

Most core classes, with the exception of physical fitness and health and music, are kept well under 25 students. This intimate setting allows our teachers to fully engage their students in a more dynamic environment. 

Our middle school students follow an American curriculum approved and reviewed routinely by the ISG District.

Teachers and administration strive to provide a well-rounded course offering for our students. Electives for Grades 6-8 are offered based on student interest and instructor availability and include:

  • Fine Arts: Art, Band, Choir, and Drama
  • Global Language: French, Spanish or Arabic
  • Physical Fitness and Health
  • Current Events
  • Digital Journalism
  • Media Technology
  • Problem Solving
  • Extra-Curricular Activities

In addition to in-class exercises and learning, students participate in extra-curricular experiences to enhance their learning of in-class material. Most notable are the annual Science Fair and twice-annual Music & Fine Arts concerts and exhibitions. Additionally, our theatre productions enable students to participate in the multi-faceted art of the stage.

Another unique experience for our students is Learning and Reading Buddies - our middle school students are paired with younger aged students in specific subjects - science, reading - and help to teach them specific topics with teacher oversight. 

High school covers grades 9-12. We at ISG Jubail understand that a student's learning is about so much more than simply mastering the curriculum and passing exams. It involves a student's development in multiple ways including intellectual, emotional and physical. We have designed our "Graduate Profile" as a benchmark against which we gauge how well we are serving our students' needs. This "Graduate Profile" describes our goals for each graduate of ISG Jubail - the characteristics that we value and strive to produce and encourage in each student so that when they walk out of our doors, they walk out as a living embodiment of our mission statement: "The ISG Jubail student is inspired to strive for academic excellence, a balanced life and service to others."
Our Graduate Profile focuses on four areas: Thinking, Understanding, Communicating, and Striving for Excellence. 

With the help of the school counselor, ISG Jubail high school students will create a four-year academic plan as they select classes to ensure they meet graduation requirements.

Download our course handbooks to read more about our MS & HS courses offered at ISG Jubail: MS/HS Course Handbook.