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An integral part of every child’s education is not only what happens in the classroom, but after school as well. As we focus on the rounded development of the individual, we encourage all students to participate in at least one extra-curricular activity. ISG Jubail offers an extensive after-school activities (ASA) program throughout the year, providing students with opportunities for intra-Kingdom travel and competition in a variety of athletic and academic events.

The ASA program helps promote a positive school spirit, motivates students and broadens opportunities for learning. Students who are involved in ISG Jubail’s athletic programs or participating in an ASA accept a lifestyle that supports ISG Jubail’s Graduate Profile, which outlines a balanced life and service to others.

Student athlete and participants of after school activities expectations include:

  • Students take accountability for their actions
  • Demonstrate values of responsibility, consideration, and mutual respect
  • Demonstrate respect towards teachers, coaches, officials, opponents, spectators, and other students
  • Students athletes use athletics as a method to enhance academic discipline and not a venue to create excuses
  • Complete missed assignments
  • Act as a role model in and out of school
  • Care for and return all equipment
  • Arrive on time to school, meetings, practices, and games

ASAs are popular program for all our students. These activities are organized into trimesters to allow students to participate in a different activity every ten weeks. While optional, much of our student body participates throughout the year.