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ISG Jubail is a member of SAIK-AC (Saudi Arabian Intra-Kingdom Athletics Conference), an organization that includes 16 schools throughout the Kingdom. Through this, students have the opportunity to compete in tournaments during the year in the following sports: Table Tennis, Volleyball, Soccer, Cross Country, Cricket, Basketball, Badminton, Netball and Softball.

Coaches identify most valuable players (MVP) in each team and the athletes of the year are selected from these players. At the end of the year, ISG Jubail honors its athletes at the Annual Sports Banquet where they receive letters, pins and trophies. More than 80 athletes, coaches, and parents attend this event and it grows each year.

Table Tennis
The school year starts off with Table Tennis season. This event has grown over the last few years into a very popular activity. Students can represent ISG Jubail at the SAIK-AC tournament in two age categories, U14 and U19. Both of these levels will be represented by girls and boys.

Volleyball season starts in early September, and the season will last approximately six weeks. ISG Jubail sends U-14, U-16 and U-19 teams; the highlight of the season is the SAIK-AC tournament. At these tournaments we compete against eight to ten schools.

A popular sport at ISG Jubail, soccer generated a high interest amongst both boys and girls. Try-outs are always well attended and students can be selected to represent the school on the U-14, U-16 or U-19 teams.

One of the largest teams at ISG Jubail, the Cross-country season begins around November with the annual meet held at ARAMCO in February.

Cricket, a very popular sport amongst our Asian, Australian, Kiwi and South African students is played in early February. ISG Jubail has always been a team to reckon with and is ranked amongst the top teams in the SAIK-AC tournament. Cricket is offered at the U-14 level only.

Basketball, a true American sport brings excitement to our sport calendar every year. Both boys and girls can compete on the U-14, U-16 or U-19 teams.

Students can represent ISG Jubail on either U-16 or U-19 teams. A team consist of 5 players. Teams travel to various host sights within the Kingdom to play in a two-day tournament.

Netball provides an opportunity for our students to get involved in SAIK-AC play. Netball is a girls only sport and is offered at the U-14 and U-16 levels.

Softball is another opportunity for our middle level students to get involved in SAIK-AC play. Softball is co-ed and is available to all students within the U-16 age bracket.