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Head of School's Message

Dear Students and Parents,

Only one more Sunday remains in the school year. Physical school next year is a prospect that is becoming ever more certain. Many in our community have been vaccinated at least once, and covid cases in Jubail are still well controlled. While enrollment and tuition are not yet finalized, the shape of next year is becoming clearer.

At the end of this week, we will celebrate the accomplishments of our class of 2021 through a virtual graduation ceremony. I am impressed by the dreams, plans, and ambitions of this group of talented young people. I hope the resilience, tenacity, and flexibility that they developed and demonstrated during the pandemic serves them well into the future. Congratulations class of 2021!

As a reminder to all families, please make sure that you have returned all resources to the school so that we can prepare them for next year. In particular, there are opportunities for elementary school parents to return devices across this week.




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