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Head of School's Message

Dear Students and Parents,

This will be my last community message as Head of School at ISG Jubail.  As many of you know, this summer my family and I will be moving to Bolivia in South America where I will  become the Superintendent of the American Cooperative School in La Paz.  The memories and relationships that my family and I have formed in Jubail, however, will continue to enrich us throughout our lives.  

I commend the work that the faculty, staff, and administration as well as the entire community at ISG Jubail continues to do to inspire innovation and compassionate action, and I look forward to watching from afar as Brent and the new assistant principal, Derrick, support re-envisioning and reanimating the commitment to that mission in a new post-pandemic world.

Since its founding in 1978, ISG Jubail has been a unique school serving a unique community.  Its distance from the other ISG schools and its community have helped to shape its character that we all love.  More than that, however, ISG Jubail is an incubator of innovation and leadership.  Its impact on ISG and the region is far out of proportion to its size.  

As Head of ISG Jubail, I thank you for your continued support of the school.  As an individual, a father, and a husband, I also thank you for the positive impact that you have had on me and my family.  We will not forget ISG Jubail, and we hope to treasure your friendship and collaboration for years to come.

Have a great week, a great summer, and a great year ahead.




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