2019-2020 Elementary Timetable

27 May 2019

ES Timetable

Dear Parents,

There will be some changes happening with our timetable in the Elementary School for the upcoming 2019-2020 school year.

The first change will be moving away from our current six-day rotation to a five day schedule. The benefits for this will mean that scheduling should be more consistent for parents, children and teachers. This will also allow the school to share facilities with MS/HS much more easily.

The second change will be the length of each lesson. The school will be moving to one hour blocks across five periods a day. The longer time for each lesson will allow students to go deeper into each subject area and allow students to have more exposure to the content for each subject. The only exceptions will be for Arabic, for both KG1 and KG2 classes and for library class across all KG1 to G5. These will run for thirty minutes per class.

Due to having longer periods than currently scheduled, our specialist classes and RACE will run once a week for the students. However, moving to a five day schedule ensures the length of time spent on each specialist subject actually increases across the year, as they consistently have their specialist class for an hour a week, whereas across certain rotations in the current six-day cycle, students only have a particular specialist class once a week, for 35 minutes only. With regards to Arabic for KG1 and KG2, due to the lesson only being for 30 minutes, this will occur twice a week.

Finally, due to cutting our transition times, having fewer periods across a day and each period lasting for longer, we increase the length of time students also spend with Homeroom teachers across the year too. These changes listed allow students to spend more time with both specialists and Homeroom without impacting hugely on the general length of the children’s school day.

Please see the template to understand how the new schedule for the 2019-2020 school year will look. Tuesday will continue to be a late start for students, with school ending at 15:00 on this day.


Kind regards,

Mr. Ahmed

Head of Elementary School