Elementary School MAP Testing

24 September 2019

MAP Test

Dear Parents,

The MAP tests for semester one will run between the 29th September and 10th October. The tests completed will be in mathematics, language and reading for children between Grades 2 and 5. This is in line with all other ISG schools who complete MAP.

Although teachers will try their best to ensure those who are ill complete their relevant MAP session within the allocated two-week window, due to logistical reasons, teachers cannot guarantee an absent child will be able to complete a missed test at an alternative date or time.

Some tips to consider to support your child for these tests are:

  • Ensuring a pattern of proper sleep is adhered to.
  • Providing a healthy balanced diet as this can help support your child to stay focused.
  • Enabling your child to play, as exercise and sport are highly beneficial habits for your child to get involved in and supports learning.
  • Spending time with your child on simple board games, puzzles,and activities, as many promote literacy and numeracy skills.

Finally, please note that MAP data is just one piece of assessment data that is used to assess and support your child. Additional formative and summative assessments are used to help support each child’s growth throughout the year and all of these combined give a stronger indicator of how your child’s growth is overall.


Mr. Ahmed
Head of ES / Assistant Principal of School