ISG Online Arabic Program

21 January 2021

ISG Online Arabic Program

Dear Parents, 

We are very pleased to inform you about an exciting new digital Arabic language platform, ‘I Start Arabic’ and ‘I Read Arabic’ that we are introducing to complement our existing Arabic program. Both programs offer several categories of learning aligned with the national curriculum of Saudi Arabia containing books, worksheets and engaging educational videos to suit the needs of both native and non-native Arabic learners. 

The platform offers a solid foundation for learning the basics of the Arabic language through phonics awareness and provides users with words and expressions that are necessary for everyday communication. Scripts and worksheets are available bilingually on the platform to ease the learning process for students. 

All the books are audio recorded to assist students in learning proper pronunciation and inflections and help develop their listening and speaking skills faster. The program allows teachers and parents to support reading and language acquisition, by providing students with an individualized immersive Arabic language experience. It also provides teachers with teaching and reporting tools as well as content to enrich the Arabic classroom. 

We want to encourage your child to use this valuable program at home, as well as in the classroom, as supplementary to the curriculum prescribed by the Ministry of Education. Please refer to the videos in these links: I Read Arabic Portal User Guide and I Start Arabic and Frequently Asked Questions page for further information. 

Students will receive their username and password from their Arabic teacher to access the program at home. Please see the additional FAQ sheet sent along with this letter for additional information.


Best Regards, 

The Learning Office 

International Schools Group