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Superintendent's Message


Dear Parents,

This week, it is my pleasure to share with you this compilation of the activities and events of our recent International Day celebrations at some of our ISG campuses.

Our ASD, BSD, Jubail and Sara Village schools participated, with great joy and enthusiasm, to celebrate the 70+ nationalities we represent as one community. This annual event is a very unique opportunity to showcase what we can achieve together. I was so proud that students of all ages, from KG through to our (almost) graduates, were able to respect and appreciate our nationalities and cultures in such a fun and colorful way.

I would like to personally thank you for your help and support in providing everything from delicious food, to national dress costumes for the events that took place. It was wonderful to see so many of you in person again!

In honor of our International Day activities, we also held our inaugural flag raising ceremony at our new ASD and BSD school site. At our new site we have flags representing each of our student nationalities, which will be displayed proudly at the entrance gates. Please find here a video of our students participating in this very special commemorative event.

I would like to wish you and your families a restful weekend.


Best wishes,

Dr. Michael P. Mack