Jaguar Jump Off Coming Soon

16 October 2019

Jaguar Jump Off

On October 20th, Middle and High School students will be engaged in the Jaguar Jump Off activities.  The Jaguar Jump Off is a day off schedule in which students compete with each other in student organized but teacher refereed events. It has been planned to engage children in activities that are aimed at building team spirit, learner agency and compassionate action.

52 High School and Middle School students have volunteered to help build this event.  Although the majority of the logistics has been taken care of by HS students, MS students also have had an important role in building the identity of, and spirit within, their teams.

During the day of the Jaguar Jump Off, teachers will judge which team is contributing most to a positive atmosphere ‘spirit’ by cheering their own team and others.  At the end of the day all of the points awarded for events will be tallied to decide the winning team.  In addition, points will be tallied for the team that shows the best spirit and an award will be presented to that team as well.

It is all about the school's spirit!  Bring it on, Jaguars!