Jubail Football Club Calling for Coaches & Volunteers

02 October 2019


Jubail Football Club is eager to begin 2019-2020 season.  If you are willing to become a coach or a volunteer, please fill out this form.

JFC's Mission:

  • Give kids of all abilitiy and football levels an opportunity to exercise, have fun, and learn some football along the way.
  • Foster an atmosphere in which the well-being of the whole group is valued as well as the needs of the individual.
  • To foster the idea of the education of life through football.
  • Raise the level of each individual player, from average to good and from good to exceptional.

JFC's Vision:

  • Boys and girls in Jubail from all over the world have an opportunity to play football in a friendly educational environment.


  • With an emphasis on technical skills and small group tactics, this competitive football program will allow young players to advance their ability at this critical time in their development process.
  • Teach players in a holistic manner, embracing technical, tactical, ethical and psychological aspects of the game.
  • Improve their skills, self-confidence, knowledge, and enjoyment of the game.
  • Collaborate with and develop a healthy relationship with ISG school sports programs so players can have the opportunity to stay connected to their school teams without being forced to choose when scheduling conflicts arise.