New Monthly Student News Magazine

07 October 2018

Covered Magazine

Grade 12 journalism students diligently collaborated during September to create the first issue of a new monthly news magazine that has been distributed to all MS/HS students and staff.

This month's 20-page magazine includes news, opinions, features, entertainment and sports sections. Although there are many stories to highlight in this first issue, I'll mention just a couple: don't miss the staff editorial about cafeteria food, and definitely set aside 10 minutes to read Mounika A.'s story about the experiences of people who have joined our school this year from Yanbu school.

There's a lot of accomplished writing, reporting and creativity in the magazine. Kick back and spend 30 minutes with the magazine at some point. It'll give you something to think about and talk about.

Because it's our first issue, there are going to be plenty of "warts" too (hopefully small and not big). I am fully aware of this, and as a seventh-year print journalism teacher and adviser, I assure you that letting some of the warts be published enriches the learning process for all of us.

We estimate that production of this first issue of the magazine represents ~200 hours total of work. So, be kind. We aim to serve you. It's a learning process.

We will keep the archive of the electronic versions of the magazine's issues on the website. The readers can access it via this link.

Thanks for supporting journalism at our school!