Standing Against Racism, Injustice and Unfairness

13 June 2020

Against Racism, Injustice and Unfairness

Dear ISG Jubail Community,

As many of you are aware, there is currently a spotlight on racism, injustice and unfairness. Although the high-profile incidents have been specific to certain countries, many people are exposed to each of these every day in all corners of the globe. Much of this goes unreported.

Throughout the world in fields spanning criminal justice, employment, health & welfare government policies, and even education, evidence indicates that people experience daily racism, injustice, and unfairness both explicitly and covertly.

As an educational institution, we feel that it is not sufficient to merely condemn these incidents, rather, it is necessary for us to examine our own institution to eliminate implicit and explicit bias. Holding up a mirror to ourselves is part of this process. We must examine areas for continued growth towards our mission to ‘inspire innovation and compassionate action’. We stand against racism, injustice and unfairness and strive to support all those who share this cause. It is important that we continue to work towards embodying these values and this ethos throughout the culture of the school.

While we do not pretend to have all the answers, we believe it is vital that we begin the conversation. To initiate this, we offer the following questions:

  • What do our school demographics look like: administration, faculty, staff and students?
  • What and who does our curriculum represent? What perspective does it embody?
  • Who feels like they belong–or don’t belong–at our school?
  • What is the lived experience for our students, faculty and parents?
  • To what extent are the identities and traditions of our diverse faculty and families valued?
  • How can our community contribute to global efforts to reduce racism, injustice, and unfairness?

In the coming days, you will receive some resources that will help facilitate the start of this important conversation.  Some of these will be delivered by teachers, others will be shared with you should you want support in continuing the conversation at home.  It will take all our efforts to make a more compassionate world.



Shan Ahmed          Brent Wingers          Andrew Crouse
Head of ES            Head of MSHS         Head of School