Virtual Compassion Summit

05 October 2020

Compassion Summit Infographic

Every year for the past three years, ISG Jubail has participated in global Compassion Summit which has taken place in Jordan and this year was set to be in Bahrain.

Due to Covid, the Compassion Summit was postponed, and is now reinvented to be an online virtual summit! That's what you call innovation. Bahrain's Riffa Views International School continues to be host to this year's summit and they are in full swing, planning.

A select group of leaders will be chosen to attend this Summit and plan out ISG Jubail's next steps in Compassionate Action for the 2020-21 School year. This is your chance to meet people, learn, and be the leaders you are in a real way - activating plans that will better our school community. The world is working online, and this year's Summit approach affords us new opportunities for deeper connections and growth. Why?

1. The Summit is spanning its institutes and workshops for leaders over several months, rather than just one weekend. 

2. This affords us better planning and implementation for our goals, which students will be working on. 

What do you need to know? 

1. This is a fantastic leadership experience focused on compassionate action. You can expect to make a meaningful difference in our school community and possibly/hopefully have some sort of meaningful global impact, too. This will depend upon your team's brilliant ideas and initiative. 

2. You will need to commit to meetings and action if you volunteer and are selected to be part of this team. 

3. You do this because you want to lead, help, and make a difference. 

4. Universities and colleges expect candidates to programs to demonstrate community commitment; this is a great way to get involved in our community. We may be online but what that really does is present us with new challenges re. how to meet our community's needs for Compassion. What might this look like? Imagine...

5. Only 10 delegates will be chosen to plan and lead. But the whole student body will be able to participate and see what is happening - this makes this a highly unique opportunity for leadership! 

6. Remember...leaders come in all shapes and sizes, with different skill sets. This is what makes a great team. You will fill out an application and be invited to tell us why you are a suitable candidate for this leadership team

7. The strongest and most motivated candidates for this year will be chosen once applications have been reviewed.

Look at the website to understand the flow of how we will participate. Key points: 

1. You volunteer in school to organize change. 

2. You plan, implement, and document this change and report back to the summit contacts. 

3. We represent our school at the global summit. 

4. We prepare our evidence and presentation and present this online at the summit. 

You should be keen, great at generating ideas and motivating others, and ready to make meaningful change the Greta Thunberg's of the world. There are many student leaders, but there's no one like you! Be you. Consider joining this team and representing ISG Jubail at the Compassion Summit this year! 

All students must be chosen by October 9th, so be prepared to hear more from me shortly. 


Thank you, 

Ms. Loveridge