Week Without Walls (WWW) 2018/2019

30 September 2018

Week Without Walls

Dear parents,

We are happy to announce that our 2018/2019 Week Without Walls (WWW) experience will launch the first week of February (Feb 3rd - Feb. 7th) For those of you new to the school this year, Week Without Walls (WWW) is a week long program that is designed to involve students in outside-the-classroom learning experiences. The WWW program enhances middle school and high school curriculum by exposing students to new cultures and/or academic and personal growth opportunities that cannot be achieved in a regular classroom setting. It is an expectation that all middle and high school students participate in the Week Without Walls experience.

Based on the positive response received at the end of last year via a parent survey, we set forth to design a model that would add value to our school community, align with our identified goals, and consider stakeholder feedback. In defining our needs/goals, student participants in last year's Compassion Summit in Jordan collected data that identified a need to 'build relationships' and promote mutual respect' among students and teachers. This outcome allowed us to better define the purpose of designing the WWW program.

Moving forward, a greater effort will be expended toward designing a rich local WWW model. Given many more students over the years have opted for our local program, our energy would be best invested in continuing to provide robust and meaningful local learning experiences. Please see this document for more details on our Local WWW experience.

In tandem with the local program, we will also be offering an international option. One international trip option will be offered for each school division (MS and HS). Offering separate trips will help us tailor trips to meet the needs of students in terms of their development and identity. Below are the trips that have been selected based on the type of experience offered to each particular age group (MS: Know Self - HS: Know Others/Give Back), feedback, cost and location. Both of these trips will provide students with a wide range of age-appropriate experiences that will add value to their educational development.

- Oman - Middle School (MS) Trip.
- Nepal - High School (HS) Trip.

If you are interested in signing your child up for an international WWW trip please see this document.


John Roche
WWW Coordinator