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ISG Jubail is a not-for-profit, KG to 12, international school serving the American community as well as the needs of the diverse international population in Jubail, Saudi Arabia. ISG Jubail offers an American standards-based curriculum capped by the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. 

At ISG Jubail, we are driven by our mission: ‘We inspire innovation and compassionate action’. Throughout their lives, our children will need to find innovative solutions to problems in a rapidly changing world. They will also need to act compassionately to ensure that the world they create is peaceful and humane.  

Our mission is ambitious, but it impacts everything we do. Even our youngest students take significant steps as innovators in our Reggio inspired kindergarten with its ability to follow student interests. Through elementary and middle school, our Readers and Writers Workshop program builds autonomy and metacognition. At the same time, our standards-based mathematics program builds a strong conceptual base that supports a functional understanding of mathematics characterized by facility with multiple representations and a focus on reasoning.

As students progress, their agency and autonomy only increases culminating in the International Baccalaureate Diploma program characterized by its balance, rigor and international mindedness. Infused throughout ISG Jubail are opportunities to explore music, art, drama and physical education. Guided by our mission and at every level, we are attendant to compassion in all its forms as well as a recognition of our common humanity. This starts in the morning meetings that are a part of our responsive classroom program in elementary school and culminates in the leadership roles taken on by our IB students in service to others.

Perhaps the most important word in our mission is the word ‘we’.  At ISG Jubail, we view our community as a family of parents, students and educators working together to inspire innovation and compassionate action. We would be delighted if you were to join us.