About our School

ISG Jubail’s mission is to provide a progressive educational experience that celebrates our multicultural community of diverse learners. The ISG Jubail student is inspired to strive for academic excellence, a balanced life and service to others. Traveling a path that sets it apart from others in the region, the hallmarks of the school are a diverse educational experience coupled with a steadfast commitment to the IB Diploma Program. ISG Jubail continues to move forward by striving for growth in curriculum development and a personalized approach to learning.

An exciting new Readers and Writers Workshop has recently been introduced, and Math Practices have been enhanced by utilizing the Engage New York program. In addition, comprehensive knowledge of NGSS standards for science and the C3 framework for Social Studies and History mean that the school's faculty can creatively synthesize standards into authentic experiences for all students.

This, combined with a celebration of excellence in the arts, athletics and health/wellness, contributes to the school's programs. Complementing these elements in the equation is a strident commitment to the students’ social, emotional and personal growth allowing for an all-encompassing education for students, their families and ISG Jubail's staff.