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Welcome to ISG Jubail -- A truly remarkable school and community driven by our mission, “we inspire innovation and compassionate action.”

We are an international school in the heart of Jubail Industrial City, in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.  Our staff come from around the world and our teachers are compassionate and internationally-minded global citizens.  Likewise, our students represent nearly 40 nationalities and together our community strives to live and embody our mission and guiding principles.

An ISG Jubail students’ educational experience begins in our Kindergarten (KG) program, inspired by a play-based program of inquiry and self-discovery, and culminates with our offering of the IBDP program in grades 11 and 12.  Throughout our elementary, middle, and high school divisions, our students have opportunities to engage and inquire at every level.  We value learner agency and allowing students to direct their learning with the support and guidance of our professional and experienced team of international educators.  The ISG Jubail student experience is dynamic and multi-faceted, with instruction and academics taking more authentic and interactive approaches compared to lectures or more traditional pedagogy.  

We are also part of the larger, non-profit, International Schools Group (ISG) organization, with partner schools in Dammam and Dhahran.  Being a part of ISG often means more opportunities for student co-curricular activities, sharing of resources, and meaningful collaboration between our students and teachers across the organization. 

We at ISG Jubail are proud of our commitment to academic and personal excellence and are eager to welcome new or prospective students and families into our special school community.  




Brent A. Wingers

K-12 Principal, ISG Jubail