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Welcome to ISG Jubail.

"We inspire innovation and compassionate action."

To accomplish this audacious mission, we quite literally search the globe to recruit the very best international faculty that we possibly can. We compete globally for this talent with renown international schools situated in world centers of globalized finance, industry and trade.

We employ a progressive curriculum that asks more questions than it answers. It asks students from Kindergarten (age 4) to Grade 12 (age 18) to construct knowledge using multiple viewpoints. In mathematics and science, students are asked to represent and articulate their thinking pictorially, diagrammatically and graphically, as well as with words, equations and models. In the humanities and arts, students explore and consider multiple perspectives often informed by the cultural diversity of our student body as well as that of our faculty. We explicitly value learner agency in the development of innovation over lecture, memorization, or other didactic methods of the past.

We are a non-profit school. That means we have no owner, and any surplus left at the end of one year goes right back into the school. Students, parents and faculty alike take comfort in knowing that their tuition money and hard work go entirely to the school community.

As part of the International Schools Group, we enjoy access to resources and expertise that enable us to innovate and collaborate on a scale not possible in an individual school.

Please visit or contact us. We are eager to share with you why ISG Jubail offers the very best international education in the region.


Brent A. Wingers
Principal, ISG Jubail