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Thank you for your interest in ISG Jubail, a fully accredited American curriculum school. 

ISG Admission Policy
It is the policy of the Board to accommodate students of many nationalities. English proficiency is not an entrance requirement at ISG Jubail.
ISG Jubail will not accept students who, because of severe cognitive or physical disabilities require special education classes or services. If upon receipt of school records or present observations and testing, it becomes apparent that a student requires special services that ISG Jubail does not provide, parents will be notified. The school reserves the right to exclude a child for failure to satisfy entrance requirements of this policy.
New enrollees without previous school records will be placed according to chronological age and/or testing. The school reserves the right to reassign students upon receipt of previous school records and/or test results. The principal or designee shall make the decisions pertaining to grade placement.

Admissions Information
Applications for the 2018-2019 school year open 16 February 2018. Please contact the registrar for details regarding available places.

Admission decisions are always made in the best interests of the student and the existing student population. 

ISG Jubail is currently taking new enrolments and we anticipate that your child will qualify for admission. We welcome applications from students of all nationalities who are able to meet the demands of an academically challenging curriculum. Students are selected based upon past school records, teacher recommendations, standardized test scores and an applicant questionnaire. 

We offer places to those students whose experiences and records indicate they will succeed in the school’s academic programs. The school gives priority to applicants who have siblings already enrolled at ISG Jubail, while also considering the school’s gender mix, which helps achieve a diverse student body. Classes are created with the appropriate balance and mixture of learners.

Admission of students with learning difficulties is limited by the availability of services that will meet their educational needs. The Board of Trustees, with the support of the Superintendent, has authorized ISG Jubail to expand learning support programs in order to accept students with mild to moderate learning differences. Your child may be invited to the school or the ISG District Office for further assessment. The Learning Support team, alongside the Admissions team, assesses each prospective student on a case by case basis to determine if ISG Jubail is suitable to meet the child’s academic, social and emotional needs.

All applications received, reviewed, and assessed during February and March will be notified of the admissions decision starting April 30.
Deadline for submitting applications for the first round of assessments (dates given above) is February 28.
ISG Jubail continues accepting applications through the year. Assessments and review will be based on seat availability only.
Please Note:
Saudi law requires that all new students (except American and British citizens) apply for a Ministry of Education approval.  If the applicant is in grade 2 or above, the applicant's current report card must be attested by the Saudi Embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country from which the report card is being issued.  This may be carried with you, as it will only be needed upon arrival in Saudi Arabia.
Saudi law also requires Saudi nationals (no matter what age) to apply for Ministry of Education approval directly through the MOE. Approval documents must be submitted before an assessment is scheduled.

To read further about the ISG Admissions process, required documentation please visit the ISG Admissions page. Here you may access the Admissions portal to enroll your child to ISG Jubail. 

Please Note:
The status and listing of uploaded documents in the site dashboard should show you whether or not an application has been created successfully and is complete as per the requirements listed here.
As soon as the admissions team has reviewed the application and documents, the status of the application will be updated and you will receive an email from the school.
Please be patient, as the processing of admissions takes some time. If the application and documents are showing as complete, they have been received and the team is busy with them.