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Music is an integral component of every student’s education. International Schools Group believes that music education stands on its own as an essential discipline.  Wherever possible the music classes make connections to other curricular areas. 

Our K-12 music students: 

  • Sing and play instruments
  • Create and improvise
  • Read and notate music
  • Listen to, analyze, describe and evaluate music
  • Understand historical and cultural connections

Middle School Band
This is a music course open to all Grade 6-8 brass, percussion and woodwind players who wish to focus on improving their ensemble playing in a concert band setting, focusing on improving technique, sound, and reading music. Students perform in large and small ensembles out in the community and in school concerts. These performances are graded and are requirements of the course. (Grades 6, 7-8; Full Year Course)

To read more about our MS & HS Band please read our Handbook.

Middle/High School Band
This advanced course provides auditioned students with the opportunity to perform the various styles of jazz. Emphasis is placed upon performance and culminates in an evening of jazz concert. All performances are graded and are requirements of the course. (Grades 8-10 Full Year Course)

Visual Arts
ISG Jubail believes that the Arts transcend age, ethnicity and geography. Knowledge of the Arts liberates and shapes our capacity for expression; it enriches our lives and creates cultural bonds, teaching us how to handle ambiguity and lending an understanding that in life there is not always one answer. The Arts are a bridge to deeper understanding of intrinsic human attributes such as imagination and the instinct to create. We believe that the need for expression through the Arts is basic to all people and common to all cultures and times. Therefore, understanding and capacity in the Arts is essential to being an educated person.

Here at ISG Jubail, we believe Middle School Art is an extension of Elementary Art in that students are continuing to expand their conceptual understanding of art and its impact on society and culture. By making art, students strengthen their ability to manipulate the Elements of Art and Principles of Design to create images that reflect meaningful making. Middle School students are beginning to grasp that within complex forms of problem solving, purposes are seldom constant, but change with circumstance and opportunity, that small differences can have profound effects, and that the arts traffic in subtleties. Visual art teaches that problems can have more than one solution, and that communication is not limited to just words.