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ISG Jubail Short Film Fest

Student-led directing projects are the pinnacle of any school's theater studies program, and last week 18 student actors participated in the 6th ISG Jubail Short Short Play Fest, an event that showcases the talents of the high school drama students.

The festival was put together in 3.5 weeks with multiple holidays disrupting the rehearsal process, giving actors only about 4-5 hours of rehearsal time in school.  Despite the short time to prepare, the event was a smashing success and full of surprises. 

Six plays were featured this year.  Audience votes counted toward the 'People's Choice Awards' while three teacher adjudicators announced and awarded the ISG Jubail Academy Awards.

Congratulations  to all actors and the many crew members who jumped on board from Drama 6-10 as well as from our Service Learning and CAS cohorts. Approximately 50 students participated in this event in total.

Thanks to all our students, the beautiful audience and Ms. Lorelei Loveridge for her dedication to ISG Jubail’s Drama and Performing Arts program.