ISG Jubail Student Peer Support

28 March 2021

Student Peer Support

Dear MSHS Students and Parents, 

We are fast approaching the opening of our newly established Peer Support Program. Peer Support is an anonymous, confidential and non-judgmental peer listening service for students, run by students, via Zoom.

This service project was initiated by Zain N. and Muhammad T. as a result of their leadership training in the global Compassion Summit, which offered training and global learning in how to deliver compassion programs that sustain and support communities. Leila B. from the Compassion Club joins Zain and Mohammed this year as a fellow Peer Listener.

Offering support and supervision are: (1) Compassion Club Teacher Leaders Ms. Loveridge, a trained suicide prevention listener with Samaritans, UK and Mrs. Ahmed, our school's cognitive coach for teachers and students, as well as (2) Ms. Villareal (ES Counselor) and Ms. Gierke (MSHS Counselor), who are available to counsel students at-risk who are referred by the Peer Listeners for further support. Together, we have refined and prepared this program for ISG Jubail. We sincerely hope and expect this program to provide an essential service in our school community.

Peer Listeners will manage the Zoom calls and discussions, providing either group or one to one discussions as per the need of our callers and capacity of the service. Rest assured: Peer Listeners have been trained and are working side-by-side with the school Compassion Club teacher-leaders and the school’s counselors who have trained us. We have signed a confidentiality agreement and are under supervision to ensure that this service is delivered safely and professionally for the sake of all students.

As humans, we have all experienced stress, anxiety, pressure, loneliness and many more things and we feel that during these excruciating difficult times, where we are cooped up in our homes all day, things do tend to get a lot worse. And that is why Zain, Muhammad and Leila want to give back to the community by establishing this newly-found Peer Support.

Our research shows that simply having someone to listen to, and simply talking about your problems with someone can make a massive difference. So we at Peer Support invite you to join us, once a week on Tuesdays, from 4:00 to 5:30 pm, starting next week, 30th March.

For more information, here is a short video of Zain explaining how the service works:


Kind regards,

Peer Support