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ISG Jubail’s Band Concert featured two performances by band students from Grades 6-10.

Grade 6 students started learning their instruments in September and this was their first time playing in front of a large audience.  They played three pieces, and this concert allowed them to use instrument-specific skills in a larger ensemble setting, work on their stage presence and manage the excitement of being on stage in healthy ways.  Students have learned about balancing their sounds, to realize how their individual parts fit within the larger group, and have become more independent.

The Grade 7 and 8 band also performed three pieces.  This band consisted of beginner students as well as students who played for at least two years.  Advanced students learned some of the other instruments in their particular instrument family like bass clarinet, tenor saxophone and baritone saxophone. The literature for this band was more advanced, requiring new technical and musical skills. The individual parts were even more independent, requiring a higher level of skill and confidence.

The Grade 9 and 10 band performed five pieces. Three of these songs were performed at the SAIKAC band competition.  Our older students also mentored the younger students as they worked together on the final song for the concert, Conviction.

Congratulations to all our students who have shown perseverance and grit this year, and to all their parents for continuing to support them.  Thanks also goes to Ms. Kris Hammer who taught, trained and inspired our students.