Virtual School Day on October 6, 2019

03 October 2019

Virtual School

Who: All KG1-GR12 students, all subjects.

Why: To ensure that teachers and students are prepared if the school has to close for any reason (i.e. weather / medical epidemic / political).

Where: Students can work anywhere (except school) with Internet access.

When: Learning activities will be posted from 7:45 AM onwards. 

In Elementary School, teachers will usually post information first thing in the morning. Teachers will generally be online during the scheduled class time (for example if your child has Block 1 PE, their PE teacher will be available from 8:00 to 8:35) to answer questions and help students as needed. 

In the Middle & High School, teachers will either post information first thing in the morning or immediately prior to the actual class meeting time.  MS/HS teachers will be available throughout the day to respond to student queries in a timely manner. 

Students and parents use Google Classroom, Class Dojo, Seesaw and/or Hangouts (whichever the relevant platform is for the grade) to contact their teachers with questions. Please keep in mind that the teacher may be conversing with another student, parent, or supporting their own children during the time you are trying to connect with them; therefore they may not be immediately available but they will endeavour to respond as soon as possible to your question.

What: Teachers plan activities that relate as closely as possible to current class content or skills. The activity will reinforce existing understanding or introduce new content that will be continued to be covered in class. If your child does not complete the learning activities it will impact their learning.  In ES, teachers reserve the right to classify any activities not completed as ‘unfinished work’ and send it home to complete, as per the ES homework policy.

How: Students in Grades 2-12 will access their content via Google Classroom, students in PK-G1 will access their content through Class Dojo

Help: Our Digital Learning Coach made a help video for Google Classroom to assist you. Please have your child show you that they are able to access their Google Classroom prior to Virtual Day. Parents of PK to G5 students please contact your child’s teacher if you have not yet connected to Class Dojo.